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The Less Known Downsides of Play To Earn Scholarships

Posted by Brodie Cockett on
The Less Known Downsides of Play To Earn Scholarships

Scholarship has become more prominent in the play-to-earn gaming community than in the academic world. Some financially capable individuals use that channel to assist aspiring players who can’t afford to purchase the seemingly expensive starter pack to participate in the gaming environment without restrictions.

Play-to-earn scholarship programs are evolving as new games storm the market. That buzzing movement was spearheaded by the sudden surge in the acceptability and popularity of AXIE Infinity with the multiple opportunities it provides for players to make money daily. 

It is not an exaggeration that play to earn games have become forces to reckon with in the blockchain development, and they continue to make waves in the mainstream gaming universe. However, enrolling in a play to earn a scholarship program is not all sunshine and roses. Critical research has revealed that not many players make as much money as they should be scholarship members.

Obviously, there have been several difficulties in the relationship between managers and scholars in different play-to-earn scholarship programs. But, not many people know about the struggle and strives. This article will enumerate some of the difficulties and hidden irregularities in many play-to-earn scholarship programs, including technical, legal, and financial.

The Hidden Challenges of Managers and Scholars 

If you have been in a managerial position in a traditional before, you would have encountered some of the usual difficulties associated with that post, including hiring and firing, managing employees’ inadequacies, tracking employees’ performance, individual employees reviews, and disputes on health issues and more.

Did you pay attention to the above very well? Working as a play-to-earn scholarship program manager also comes with the same headache and pain. The same thing goes with scholars. They will struggle with withheld pay, delayed benefits, lack of managerial accountability, bad working conditions, etc.

There are countless manager/scholar relationship issues battling the play-to-earn gaming industry, where the lines between the employer and employee, business and pleasure, worker and profiteer are blurred. Worse still, blockchain brought a whole new complexity to the matter. How do I mean? Read on to unveil the secret.

How blockchain makes the play to earn scholarships more complex

In addition to the aforementioned expected difficulties between managers and scholars, the blockchain presents some additional issues with its wild-west operations system. Amazingly, most of these problems are minimal or not even present in traditional employment. 

The Less Known Downsides of Play To Earn Scholarships

The Struggles of Managers And Guilds in Play To Earn Scholarship Programs  

On the part of the guilds and managers, it is more challenging to track productivity and develop a cordial business relationship due to the discrete, impersonal relationship with the scholars. As a result, managers cannot earn as much as they project with their given-out resources. More so, the process of paying scholars is very tedious and expensive. That means they may have to shed a certain amount of their profits when trying to pay scholars. 

The lack of personal relationships between managers and scholars prevents the former from monitoring the latter. Which affects the adequate delivery of scholars. If a scholar fails to deliver, managers or guilds will instantly lose a considerable amount of money.

Check the examples below for clarity:

  • A manager or guild gives an account to a scholar who doesn’t bring in much income as expected. The guild or manager would have to find an immediate replacement, which takes a long and tedious process. 
  • A very high-performing scholar has some personal difficulties and suddenly drops in performance. The manager or guild would have to be patient and cope with the new low performance. Meanwhile, things may take a long time to get better, resulting in finding a replacement after a long time of waiting in a loss.
  • When it comes to sharing the earnings according to percentage, another headache starts. In most cases, profit sharing always leads to disputes and causes separation, which also amounts to a loss for both parties.
  • The principles surrounding profit-sharing do not have legal backings, so none of the parties has safe grounds when disputes arise. Additionally, cheating is inevitable in this situation.
The Less Known Downsides of Play To Earn Scholarships

The Struggles of Scholars In Play To Earn Scholarship Programs 

The same impersonal working relationship we discussed earlier is also a problem for scholars in play to earn scholarship programs. Bad hiring practices, lack of job security, and exploitative wages schemes give scholars headaches in the program. 

Most managers want to employ cheap or even free labor. So, they would approach scholars with unreasonalble negotiations to maximize their profit margin. Some will dare scholars with 80% splits not regarding the time, skills, and efforts they would invest before money comes out.

In most cases, guilds or managers looking for cheap or free labor would not hesitate to fire any scholar who demands increased profit sharing. In reality, scholars have to endure some abusive attitudes from greedy managers, consequently affecting their self-esteem. 

The Issue of Trust between Managers and Scholars 

When one party is not giving its best, the other suffers and loses money. And to make it worse, losing a manager or scholar can be very expensive. And since the system is stuffy, it is almost impossible to have a long-lasting manager/scholar relationship. 

For managers or guilds, losing a scholar means going through the pain of re-hiring, re-training, reopening accounts, rebuilding the business relationship, and restructuring working operations. It amounts to restarting the time-consuming application process for scholars, which can be very annoying. Managers and guilds don’t really value scholars’ jobs as someone else is always there to replace them. 


Playing to earn a scholarship is not as juicy as most people perceive it. It involves untold pains and struggles which you may not really notice until you have applied. It is always better to source funds to purchase the starter pack required to play the game instead of looking for scholarships that don’t come with job security. However, there is some play to earn scholarships out there that cares about the interest of the scholars. It is best to research the guild or manager before agreeing to work as a scholar.

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Plant Vs. Undead: Is It Safe To Invest In This Play-To-Earn Game?

Posted by Brodie Cockett on
Plant Vs. Undead: Is It Safe To Invest In This Play-To-Earn Game?

The biggest problem with Plant vs. Undead is that it’s bereft of original ideas. You’ve probably already gathered that from its name. A play on the blockbuster mobile game series Plants vs. Zombies, it borrows not only its inspiration’s genre but also its aesthetic. The supposed play to earn gaming also sticks to tried and true mobile game monetization strategies, although now tied to the NFT play to earn gaming space instead.

But being a slave to previous success stories is hardly a crime in the play to earn gaming industry. Just ask Mario. He could point an accusatory white-gloved finger at just about every platformer that’s followed him down his green pipe. Games can be mimics but still be plenty of fun all the same.

So, is Plant vs. Undead fun enough even as a play to earn game? Is it the gameplay that has seen the NFT game’s PVU token drop in price from US$25 to US$0.25 in just 3 months? Let’s find out 

Introducing Planet Plants

Being original isn’t in the skillset for the developer of Plant vs. Undead or simply isn’t of interest. Case in point: the play to earn gaming is set on Planet Plants. This is despite the fact there is no shortage of animals running around.

That said, these animals are now the undead. A meteor crashed into the planet, bringing some sort of disease that has turned the creatures into mindless zombies hell-bent on killing all the Mother Trees dotting the colorful if cartoony landscape. Luckily, the other flora of Planet Plants also mutated following the meteor’s arrival, giving them special abilities and powers to fight back.

Fade to gameplay, where undead creatures amble towards a Mother Tree while your army of plants goes all Triffid on them.

What formats is Plant vs. Undead on?

The developer of this play-to-earn game has gone with a mobile-first approach, with iOS and Android supported as of the end of 2021. There is also a hint of a PC version on the website, but when I clicked on it to download that version, no game was forthcoming. Consoles haven’t been ruled out, but they also haven’t been explicitly mentioned.

Tower defense at its core

The heart of the gameplay is classic mobile-style tower defense gaming. You have your army of plants, starting with 6 freebies and then building from there with plants that are randomized NFTs that require an investment – either monetary or in time – to acquire.

 Player Versus Environment (PvE)

In the player vs. environment (PvE) experience, you find yourself in a stretch of forest. The Mother Tree you must defend is on one side, and the undead creatures – think turtles, snails, butterflies, and wolves – are strolling in from the right. In between are 8 grids on which you can deploy a selection of your plants.

Once placed, these plants will defend the Mother Tree without any hands-on action from you. They’ll fire off their unique abilities, delivering damage based on their stats. The stats can be accentuated by how they are placed, allowing you to mix and match the 9 elements – or better yet, group them – to up your attacking power.

Adding to the strategy is your Light Energy (LE) pool. When you start, there’s a capped amount, and actions such as leveling up a plant, deploying a plant, or moving it to a different grid spot deplete it. Thankfully, every time you kill one of the undead, it tops back up. So, thinking fast on your feet in the small gap between waves on how you want to spend LE to change your attack strategy is where the game hits its stride.

As well as gathering Light Energy during combat, you also earn a small PVU drop at the end of each wave. This is the game’s token, which can be exchanged for real cash. Waves are never-ending; you just see how long they can last.

Player Versus Player (PvP)

The PvP mode, which as of November 2021 includes ranked arena matches, follows a similar gameplay experience. However, you’ve also got to summon the undead creatures you want to send against your opponent, which adds another layer of strategy. It’s important to note that when playing in PvP mode, you use a clone of your NFT plants in battle, not your actual, precious NFT. Learn more resources and tools about axie Infinity.

But it’s also a farm sim

In the moments outside of the tower defense gameplay, you have Farm Mode. This is where the game steps on a bindy and stumbles into some stinging nettle. The play to earn gaming runs on 2 economies: Light Energy (the in-game money) and PVU (the real-world token). They are interchangeable. You can play to earn Light Energy from grinding away in the game or top it up with a purchased PVU token at your leisure.

Your goal in Farm Mode is twofold. Firstly, you want to buy land to grow a crop of plants, which can harvest you a certain amount of Light Energy every day. But better yet, purchasing a seed takes some serious LE grinding or some PVU. A seed will grow into a randomly selected NFT plant that can be used in combat. It’s randomized between 9 elements, 5 classes, and 4 rarities. Giving you a significant lift in combat, it holds an accurate value on the open market.

Farm Mode isn’t a set and forgets, however. It needs to be managed. You need to buy pots that only last days, water your plants regularly, scare off crows, and deal with weather events. You must nurture the things to ensure you keep getting Light Energy or a plant fit for fighting.

Plant Vs. Undead: Is It Safe To Invest In This Play-To-Earn Game?

What does the grind look like?

Resource management and toil gameplay can be immersive. Just look at Animal Crossing, Jurassic World Evolution, or even Minecraft. But here, the demands don’t feel like they are designed for fun, but instead to entice you to spend. Pots only last a handful of days. Water is used and needs to be replenished daily. Random events can appear at any time, forcing constant checks. Even when you play a seed, you must wait 24 hours for it to flower for some unknown reason.

So, is Plant vs. Undead any fun?

The core tower defense gameplay may not be innovative, but it’s still fun. The inoffensive visuals, escalating threat, and constant – if shallow – micromanagement of your defense strategy is enough to keep you engaged. The interface is reasonably easy to follow, although selecting which 8 plants to deploy into any game isn’t obvious. And the sound effects of plants firing punish your ears.

I would have preferred a more rewarding way of understanding how each successful wave is upping the value of your plants – especially given they’re an NFT. And indeed, that side of things, which is vital given Plant vs. Undead is an NFT play to earn gaming, feels a bit nerfed. There’s no breeding, for example, to allow you to create genuinely unique plants of your own. Each plant is capped at how many times it can be used in a mode, ultimately undervaluing it. It’s a tactic that would make it a poor return from the perspective of renting it to play to earn scholars.

Farm Mode has potential, but as of December 2021, it’s withering on the vine. There are counters and timers and constant checks straight out of the Mobile Monetisation 101 handbook, putting roadblocks on the fun. For example, you must buy your water. You can’t go forage for it. You can’t craft a bigger bucket, dig a dam or build a water pump and some sprinklers over time. It’s not tied to gameplay.


At its core, Plant vs. Undead has the potential to marry tower defense gameplay and farm simulation into a fun experience – not an authentic experience but a fun one. But as a play-to-earn game with NFTs of genuine value, it’s unclear as of the end of 2021 if you can invest in this game for anything more than said fun. As in, you’ll likely not make a fortune.

In my opinion, there are quite a few improvements that need to be made to the gameplay – all of which would take the focus off timers and counters and put it more on interaction and discovery – for it to scale back up to a force in the NFT play to earn games space. And far less dumping of PVU by the developers.

Play to Earn

League of kingdoms: one of the best play to earn scholarship

Posted by Brodie Cockett on
League of kingdoms: one of the best play to earn scholarship

Are you looking for an online video game that will come with a massive reward? I don’t know if you’ve heard of League of Kingdoms. If you’ve heard about it, you will surely get some tips. And for those that haven’t heard about this unique game, you also have landed in the right place. Here, I’ll be talking about some facts about this game, and I will tactically show you how and why this game is one of the best play to earn scholarship. Do you even know you can play some video games and earn some money? Have you heard about the term play to earn scholarship before? Okay, I’ll briefly discuss it before proceeding to the facts you need to know about the league of Kingdoms. 

What are play to earn scholarship? 

I don’t think you need more explanation on this. Play to earn scholarship are video games that are connected with blockchain technology. How do I mean? Some games are linked with either non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies. These games are called play to earn scholarship. The idea that one can play and make money started a few years ago. Of course, situations contributed to the increased interest in playing games. For instance, in 2019, during the pandemic, Axie Infinity became popular when everyone stayed indoors. The world’s situation then prompts people to think outside the box. People began to think about what they could do from home. So, Axie Infinity is a play to earn game that started in the Philippines and Indonesia during the pandemic. Ever since then, people have been looking for other play-to-earn games they can engage in. Can you imagine someone making close to $1000 in a month without stress? Isn’t that amazing? You also can make more than that. So, play-to-earn games are games that come with fun and bonuses simultaneously.

League of kingdoms: one of the best play to earn scholarship

Now, what is the league of kingdoms?

League of kingdoms is a play to earn game where one has to fight for dominion. How is it a play to earn scholarship? It is a play to earn scholarship because one can completely own a flawlessly trade digital assets through non-fungible token technology. League of kingdoms is an enjoyable game. In this unique game, one will have to partake in game governance and economy through transparent voting and a congress system. Isn’t that amazing? This unique game claims to be the world’s first MMO tactical game. Also, league of Kingdoms is the world’s fastest-growing blockchain MMO game. I said earlier that the league of Kingdoms is built on the Ethereum blockchain. And its non-fungible token ecosystem includes several in-game assets and properties like a non-fungible land token. 

So, the non-fungible land tokens are kept on the blockchain network and reflect this unique game world’s foundation. Please note that not only players own these lands. But players can assemble resources on them and mint non-fungible tokens to trade. The League of Kingdoms has a diversity of gameplay types. And I am talking about gameplay types that range from PvE to MMO. 

How does this game work?

This unique game is a complete-features MMO tactic game with one player, multiplayer and party-play options. League of kingdoms attracts crypto enthusiasts and mainstream gamers because of its diverse and quality game modes and content. So, this game is a play to earn game with several content and methods. Not only that, but this unique game is also with specs, events and components to provide. Is it simple right? Of course, it is simple but classy. Also, it is exhilarating but psychological. League of Kingdoms is dynamic but multi-faceted. 

In this game, the first step is that players have to create or form their kingdom. After completing their domains, they’ll need to join an alliance. The next thing is to partake in wars against other empires, take part in championships and every other activity. 

League of kingdoms: one of the best play to earn scholarship

The gameplay

Remember, I said earlier that the first step is to create a kingdom. How? So, you are to construct or build buildings inside their domain. Some of the things in the realm are farms, barracks etc. So, as you create and upgrade the structures in your kingdom, their rank in the game also rises, and they become stronger.

The next step to take is to invest time and resources. Then, you can invest time in the academy to develop new technologies. Players can use alliance technology to add an advantage to their kingdom and the alliance. If you do that, then you can earn mastery points to level up their lords and become stronger in the game. The last thing you must not overlook in creating a kingdom is the aspect of training troops from three divisions: Infantry, Archery and Cavalry. Note that these troops have different battle abilities, and keeping a balance among them is essential to move the game forward. 

Then, after building the kingdom, troops have been trained, and alliances joined, so players should prepare for battle. This is where the game gets more interesting. League of kingdoms has several battle modes like PvE, PvP and MMO. Of course, each battle has its difficulty, so I will advise you to know some things about a battle mode before moving to the next one. You can go online to learn some techniques about the league of Kingdoms.

What to do to win this game?

It is expedient for you to develop a winning mentality before starting this journey. You must have confidence in yourself and play according to what you’ve learned. So, don’t be sacred and ensure that you’re catching fun while playing. 

Secondly, you need to play the league of kingdoms according to its gameplay rules. If you want to stay pertinent, you must take some time to learn some tips about this unique game. You’re doing this to ensure that you’re on the right track. Generally, the key to winning every game is by following the game’s rules.

Closing thought

Dear reader, I hope you’ve seen something great here. Don’t you think that people should also benefit from this message? Please share the link to this page with friends and family. Also, a question regarding this topic might cross your mind while reading this article; kindly drop your question in the comment box. 

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