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How to Get Free NFTs in Play-to-Earn Games

What are NFTs? They refer to non-fungible tokens that enable players to own, share, trade, buy and sell digital assets of a game economy. These are the assets that make play-to-earn games worth the time and investment we put in. So, if it is possible to create an NFT that will grow in value, is it also possible to own a free NFT that can increase in value. Answering the question comes with some fascinating features that require investors’ understanding. 

Some potential NFT owners have fallen into the hands of scammers and fraudsters under the guise of earning by free play to earn gaming. The result has been a sweep of their crypto wallets. But does it mean there is no way to get free NFTs? Of course not. The high demand for NFT, particularly from developing countries, already begs that question. Moreover, the high process that NFTs can eventually make them inaccessible to many people. Click here for how to Start Play-to-Earn Games in 2022.

Best Ways to get free NFTs

The growth in popularity of these NFTs is on the rise. It is an opportunity for many people to explore their chances. So, now that you know what NFTs in play-to-earn games are meant for, letting us see if it is possible to pick up new NFTs and how we do that? There are several ways to earn NFTs for free from play-to-earn games. 

  1. Free NFT from Play-to-Earn Games

The simplest way to earn free NFTs is from play-to-earn NFT games, which have a unique design to foster interoperability. At the same time, the games can stimulate trading and interaction so that more and more people can adopt these play-to-earn games. Meanwhile, some games may require new players to make an initial payment before the fun begins. 

How to Get Free NFTs in Play-to-Earn Games

All the same, it is essential to check out your free NFT play-to-earn game options. Suppose the player cannot afford the initial payment. In that case, other opportunities abound, such as joining a gaming guild or other unofficial programs. A typical example is the Axie Infinity Scholarship, where potential players can borrow NFTs from other existing players or investors. They then play these games and earn new NFTs as in-game tokens.

  1. Getting NFTs through Giveaways

Another fanciful way to get free NFTs apart from play-to-earn games is the promotion of new collections. Game developers and project handlers create and announce freebies and giveaways from time to time. They make these announcements on social media such as Twitter, and Reddit, apart from the Discord servers. As a result, many people looking for NFT collections can gain from such games. 

These collectors can easily pick up free NFTs as they complete some tasks efficiently and get to increase their values in the future. However, this method is not devoid of issues such as the net giveaway becoming non-existent and the game only being able to gain followers. Therefore, there is a need for complete discretion when following the path o free NFTs online.

  1. Create your NFT

One fascinating thing about getting free NFTs for play-to-earn games is to create your NFT using a digital resource. Instead of waiting to gain NFT by playing a game or winning NFTs as a reward for another activity, there are platforms that allow you to create yours. For instance, OpenSea and other similar marketplaces enable anyone to follow simple steps to develop their NFT with all the uniqueness of any other NFT in the world. 

Moreover, these platforms do not require any initial cost when creating the NFT; one uses their lazy minting system. On the other hand, note that you may not be able to store the NFT on the blockchain network until minting takes place. You will need to pay for minting before launching the NFT eventually. 

How to Get Free NFTs in Play-to-Earn Games

Frequently Asked Questions on Play-to-earn NFT Games

  1. Does it cost money to own an NFT?

One way or the other, creating NFTs may not be completely free of charge. However, there are diverse strategies that can help you minimize any cost and still get a good value. So, generally, you should prepare a small amount of money to invest, especially if you plan to use them for play-to-earn games. There is still great news, however. When you create an account with OpenSea or Rarible, you can create NFTs on Ethereum free of charge. This process that the two platforms use is known as lazy minting. 

  1. How can I get an NFT?

Getting a token is easy: you can begin with the two companies that are very popular in dealing with NFTs. Apart from those, there are NFT giveaways online that you can explore. Only be very careful of them. Not all online freebies and NFT giveaways are genuine.

  1. How can I get my first NFT?

To create your own NFT, you must own crypto or digital wallet. Among many platforms that make that possible is Metamask, which has a straightforward method of creating one. After successfully opening and verifying the account, you can begin to trade by buying or selling the NFTs. Meanwhile, you must have connected the digital wallet with the corresponding NFT platform. Afterward, you can buy the NFT with cryptocurrency or follow the airdrop requirements. 

Conclusion – You can start earning NFTs now

The initial use of NFTs includes digitization and tokenization of arts and games. We know that the NFTs can help protect assets, establish ownership by unique proof, and issue and manage to license or create exclusive access to the support. You may also want to learn the primary method of profiting from the marketplace. For a start, you can consider some of the new recommended ways to create your own NFTs legally. We hope that this guide can inspire and motivate you to start right off. When you implement these methods correctly, you can build a collection and avoid high costs. And if you find it hard to cope with some of these methods, you can join a crypto community or a play-to-earn games guide for better understanding.